A life fully lived forces us to constantly adapt to change:  a new baby, a new relationship, marriage, divorce, illness, a new career, to name a few. 

Each of these events causes stress to various degrees depending on how well we were biologically and physically and emotionally prepared we were to deal with them. Sometimes we just need a good therapist to talk to. Someone we can rely on to help us through tough times.

All of us try to cope the best we are able to each of these events, but sometimes we feel sad or scared when we should be happy, or we feel stuck and like we cannot go forward, or maybe we just feel overwhelmed and hopeless.

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Whether you are just entering the job market or feel you would like to make a change in your career, you might find it beneficial to talk with a therapist to help you to navigate the transition. 

You may be feeling confused or overwhelmed when you think of your next move and it may feel like there is more going on for you than friendly advice from your relations can provide.

This is a great time to seek the help of an impartial source, a therapist who can help you think things through objectively and with clarity.

Finding the right job that truly suits you or choosing a career that is gratifying may be stressing you out.

Maybe there are things standing in your way that you did not imagine but an experienced therapist may help to locate these obstacles so you can work more directly with them and come to a resolution.

Sometimes people get caught in trying to please or impress others and have lost sight of what is truly each individual’s passion. 

A therapist can help you see the forest for the trees .. hone in on your wishes, desires, strengths, as well as your fears and negativity.

It may just be worth your time to seek out help such as that of Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley to go for what you were really meant to do or become.