Relationship Problems


Therapy To Address
Relationship Problems

beautiful white flowerDo you find yourself struggling to make good, solid, satisfying relationships? Perhaps you are having trouble finding a suitable partner, or you may be unhappy with your significant other. Perhaps you are not seeming to get along well with authority or others at work. Or maybe friendships seem difficult to come by or sustain.

Healthy relationships are probably the most important factor that leads to a fulfilling life. When we can feel loved and lovable and care deeply for others, our lives have more depth and meaning. When we get along with others in all situations we feel better about ourselves.

Many people suffer greatly by staying in unhealthy relationships that only bring distress and keep them from their best selves, or by avoiding connection altogether. These persistent problems not only impact our mental health but our physical health as well.

We learn about healthy relationships as we attach successfully to our parents, see them model good connections, and encourage us to find gratifying relations outside the family. Perhaps you were less fortunate in this regard.

When your relationships are suffering or are non-existent, it is best to reach out to a relational psychotherapist such as Dr. Lynn Winsten for help. Fortunately we can rework our way of being with others. We learn from our newly acquired connection to the therapist how this plays out. We get to see what works and what does not both with ourselves and with the behaviors of others. We get a chance to rework our patterns of relating under the guidance of a supportive, knowledgable other.

Through understanding your current patterns of relating your therapist can help you see where things may have gone awry in your development. That is where we learn to relate and how we come to relate in our adult lives. Exploring these issues in a safe environment can heal your wounds, help you connect healthfully and help your life to become fulfilled.