Trauma & PTSD Therapy

Therapy For Trauma And PTSD

Helping The Greater Berkeley And Surrounding Areas

Have you experienced events in your life that were so overwhelming and stressful that they would cause anyone to shut down their feelings? Perhaps you have horrid thoughts, feelings, or visions that plague you. Or perhaps you have powerful feelings that disrupt your life but you have no memories from where they derive. Perhaps you are numb or find yourself kind of out of it at times.

Maybe you have too much anxiety, depression, or loneliness; or maybe your relationships don’t seem to work out; or you are addicted to substances like food, or television, electronic devices, or even work; or perhaps life is just not coming together as you wish.

Sometimes when psychological or emotional symptoms are severe and strong there are causes we need to identify and explore. Being involved in battle as a soldier, spousal or partner abuse, serious automobile accidents, severe health crises for ourselves or loved one, early loss of a parent or partner, and unexpected losses, as well as childhood abuse and/or neglect, or other catastrophic events can all cause these symptoms.

In a warm, compassionate and safe environment, I will help you gently come to link up your feelings and experiences with the life events that have traumatized you. The problems you are struggling with currently will lead the way to understanding the causes of your distress, remembering them, and ultimately releasing you from their grip.

I have studied the treatment of such serious problems for years under the guidance of experts in the field. I have specialized in this treatment and have facilitated great relief in many people over the years. I encourage you to give this work a try for lasting change.

Lynn Winsten Ph.D

There is hope. Answers are waiting to be found. Simply reach out and I will help you ask the right questions.

Don’t let the weight of internal conflict drag you down or keep your feet locked in place any longer. I know it may seem as if you’re trudging up an impossible mountainside, but I assure you that the mountain doesn’t have to be as tall as it seems. Trauma can very often be a huge weight to carry alone, and if that mountainside cannot be cut short, then at least allow me to help you carry your backpack. You’ve been lugging it around for so long, it may seem as if you’re weightless without part of it. Maybe, then you’ll have the ability to sprint to the peak, where you’ll no longer need the luggage! Either way, one thing is certain; you’ve come this far, carrying this much weight… You are stronger than most!

Seeking therapy is not a weakness. It proves that you are strong enough to do something that many people may never do; look in the mirror, and admit that you see a damaged piece of yourself that needs healing. By actively seeing a therapist, you’re doubling down on that strength by taking the necessary steps to improve your quality of life! Simply recognizing a part of yourself that needs help is, as they say, the first step to recovery, yet it’s also one of the hardest parts of the recovery process as a whole. If you suffer from any type of PTSD, then you know it is overwhelming at times, making it hard to see anything other than the trauma itself. It can cloud your thinking, making it almost impossible to look inside yourself, and say “I want to feel better.”

With proper direction, the remainder of the healing process could be very short; sometimes improvement can be noticed in only weeks! However, searching for answers in the dark, without a map, without direction, and with no one to search beside you; it may take a lifetime if you are fortunate enough to find the answers at all… As a therapist whose specialization is granting those who’ve lived with traumatic experiences the ability, and the clarity to finally overcome their hurdles; I can assure you, beyond a reasonable doubt, that I can help you!

If any of this resonates with you and you are located within the greater Berkeley, or surrounding areas; Please contact me for more information about how I can help you. I’m currently offering telehealth sessions, due to Covid19; simply call my office at (510)527-5359, or you can text (510)847-4738. My name is Lynn Winsten, Ph.D., and with many years of expertise, along with an empathetic and understanding approach, I will help you to overcome your obstacles.

If you are reading this, then you’ve already made one of the biggest leaps toward feeling better. You’ve already taken the first step to recovery. Let me help you carry the weight you’ve been carrying for so long.