My Services

My Treatment Approach

I provide psychotherapy for individuals living in Berkeley and surrounding areas.

My approach at the outset is to attend to any ongoing crises in your life which involve relationship problems, or difficulties with feelings and emotions, or other troubling experiences.

I am trained as a Relational Psychodynamic Psychotherapist. This means we will explore what factors in your life might be contributing to these feelings and experiences or relationship problems. In other words, the therapy will link up your prior life experiences with what is troubling you today. I also use our relationship to inform us as to what might be causing your concerns.

I work experientially so I am very interested in all the feelings and experiences you have had
throughout your life. And, if you are struggling with intense emotions, I use evidence based techniques to help you calm.

This approach will facilitate exploration and deep understanding of how you experience the psychological problems in your life which leads to great relief.

Childhood Neglect & Abuse

Do you suspect or know that you had a difficult early childhood? Perhaps parents or caretakers were unavailable to you?


Do you find yourself unable to calm or just find yourself scared of things? Maybe you are jittery, going blank, or can’t think things through effectively? Or maybe you just seem to obsess and worry.>

Life Transitions

Life transitions occur throughout the lifespan: going to school, getting married or divorced, having one’s own family, starting a new career. These events may not be turning out or feeling the way you had hoped.

Relationship Problems

Do you find yourself struggling to make good, solid, satisfying relationships? Perhaps you are unhappy with your partner, or you do not seem to get along well with others at work, or you can’t seem to find gratifying friendships.

Therapy for Trauma and PTSD

Have you experienced events in your life that were so stressful they would cause anyone to shut down their feelings and only have horrid thoughts that plague you (flashbacks) or have powerful feelings that disrupt your life but you have no memories to recall to account for them.

Therapy for Depression and Grief

Having trouble getting motivated or interested in things? Prone to only seeing the negative .. the glass feeling half-empty? Do you find yourself tearing up or sad a good deal of the time? Are you so low that you have contemplated taking your own life? Can you not seem to get over the loss of a loved one?

Career Concerns

Have you been confused about the direction you would like your life’s work to take? Are you working in a career where you are not feeling gratified?


Are you finding that you feel too alone in this life? Are you longing for a partner or friends? Or do you find your life is really filled with connection but a profound sense of aloneness haunts you?