A life fully lived forces us to constantly adapt to change:  a new baby, a new relationship, marriage, divorce, illness, a new career, to name a few. 

Each of these events causes stress to various degrees depending on how well we were biologically and physically and emotionally prepared we were to deal with them. Sometimes we just need a good therapist to talk to. Someone we can rely on to help us through tough times.

All of us try to cope the best we are able to each of these events, but sometimes we feel sad or scared when we should be happy, or we feel stuck and like we cannot go forward, or maybe we just feel overwhelmed and hopeless.

Why isn’t it all lining up, we ask?  Well, there may be many reasons:

—being taught not to feel;

—having parents who were easily overwhelmed or unsupportive .. or even envious and angry;

— or having to make too many adjustments at once.  

These are just some of the examples of ways we can be thrown off and have a hard time dealing with life’s challenges.

The good news is a trained therapist can help us unravel what may be impacting our coping strategies and teach us new ways to adapt.

If life is just feeling too challenging at present, it sounds like a good time to head for some help from a professional such as Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley.