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Anxiety is an emotion that lets us know something has happened to frighten us. You might feel shaky, or tongue tied, irritable and uneasy in social situations , or find yourself full of worry, concerned often with “what if”, or perhaps you feel terror, or unable to stop the uncomfortable feelings and repetitive thoughts. Anxiety rears its head when we try new things, meet new people, and do new things … but sometimes it is not clear from where it arises.

If you experience anxiety often or intensely, you may know that there are both healthy and unhealthy coping strategies and some that help in the long run and others that are short term fixes..

Our addictions to all kinds of substances, food, exercise, sex, and the latest devices all keep anxiety at bay, but if used to block anxiety by being used excessively, they actually do not help in the long run.

Therapy that allows a person to see clearly where the anxiety originated is most effective for long term relief. When combined with genuine mindfulness, a person can develop insight and calm.

Working with a psychologist, such as Dr. Lynn Winsten, a Berkeley therapist, can help you get down to the roots your distress and can enhance greater self-awareness and belief in yourself. Knowing what causes your distress and self compassion will get you free to enjoy your life more fully.

Once we truly understand the truth of what is driving this misery, we can begin the process of gaining greater insight and learn how to deal more effectively with our discomfort.

Learning mindfulness strategies brings us greater awareness, as does self-regulation that occurs when we process our experiences in a safe, compassionate, and warm therapeutic environment.

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