11 Encouraging Tips to Help Fight Depression

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Depression can be an exceedingly raiding feeling, taking away our joy and leaving us with sadness, regret, and misery. However, one of the most hurtful things about depression is that it can also rob us of our fight to seek happiness and come out of it. In the article below, I give you tips to help fight depression.

When you are struggling with depression, simple things can feel like an uphill battle, and difficult things may look beyond the realms of possibility. Yet, it does not have to be this way. You must remember, depression is never permanent, and there are several ways to fight it. To help you in your battle against depression, here are eleven encouraging tips from Berkeley therapist, Dr. Lynn Winsten to help set you back on the right track.

11 Steps to Beat Depression

1. Set and Smash Small Goals
One of the best remedies when seeking help for depression is to set small goals. Think deeply about the little things you are currently struggling to do and write them down, then try and tick off one item from your list each day. When creating your goals, you should think of them as taking baby steps or training for a marathon. When you begin your journey, your muscles won’t be as strong as you want them to be, but the more steps you take, the easier it gets.

So, when making your list of goals, try and sort them by how difficult you think they will be. By doing so, you can start with the most effortless item, grab a small victory, and give yourself the motivation to take on the next task. You do not have to step outside on the very first day, you can start by just taking a shower and staying indoors, then the next day you can get dressed, and so on.

2. Do Not Beat Yourself for Falling into Old Patterns.
While one of the most common misconceptions about fighting depression is it happens instantly, this could not be further from the case. In the battle against depression, tiny steps often translate into tremendous leaps. If you catch yourself feeling down after having many positive days, please do not beat yourself for it.

However, you must also not let yourself wallow for too long, so be sure to get back up after a while and continue making progress. Remember, the feelings of today do not dictate the emotions of tomorrow. Just keep trying, and you will be shocked at the amount of progress you make.

3. Do Not Battle Your Depression Alone
Unfortunately, one of the many misconceptions that most people dealing with depression have is thinking they have to fight it alone, but this is scarcely ever the case. Look to your old support groups and reach out to a close friend or family member that you feel comfortable with and tell them about what you are facing, and they will be willing to help in most cases.

However, if you do not feel ready to speak to one of your close friends or family, you may want to look outwards instead. Berkeley therapist, Dr. Lynn Winsten has a long history of providing help for depression and would be happy to offer her services to you.

4. Get Enough Rest
Depression and fatigue have a strong bond, as most people who seek help for depression often struggle with insomnia. Getting only a few hours of sleep each day makes you tired, and far less willing to work towards your goals. Try and grab at least eight hours of sleep each day, as this should give you a good amount of energy.

If you have attempted depression counseling, you may also have learned that building a good sleep routine is one of the best ways of reintroducing balance back into your life and fighting against depression. Aim to go to bed around the same time each night and set an alarm that will get you up and ready each weekday.

5. Try Something Different
Although curating a steady routine is one of the best ways of pulling yourself out of depression, it can also lead to you falling into it. If you book a depression counseling session with Dr. Lynn Winsten, you may likely explore your schedule with her. If you discover that you have been performing the same tasks every day for a long period, then this may likely be one of the causes of your depression.

Try exploring something that you always wanted to have a go at but never tried, such as painting, running, cooking, etc. By performing new tasks and building new hobbies, you can engage the parts of your brain that have been allowed to gather dust while you had been stuck in your routine.

6. Spend Time with Friends and Family
One major thing that depression counseling often teaches us is that the feeling that nothing matters is not true, instead it is your depression that creates that emotion by ridiculing the things you hold dear. In some cases, you may not even have realized when you pushed the people that you loved and cherished away.

In the battle against depression, one of your best allies is your friends and family. Even if you would rather be alone, try spending some time around them or talking to them over the phone. By doing so, you can remember that there is no greater fuel to fight depression than reminding yourself of the things that you are letting slip away.

7. Reward Yourself
Wanting to get your life back on track and surpass your goals is often one of the main aims of battling depression. When you achieve a small goal that you set for yourself, such as getting out of your bed for three days in a row, reward yourself with a small gift.

Not only does this positivity help to fight negativity, but it also reminds you of the benefits you will receive for smashing goals in your workplace or at school. To learn more about using rewards in your fight, you are welcome to book a depression counseling session with Dr. Lynn Winsten or drop by her practice in Berkeley.

8. Create Systems That Will Help You Achieve Your Goals
The difficulty of battling depression in the early stages is often understated. If you have spent weeks or months indoors, then your willpower may not be enough to break out of bad habits. Instead, you will need to create positive systems that will help guide you out of your room. These systems may mean requesting for your food to be served only in the dining or setting multiple alarms each morning.

9. Allow for Mental Health Days
Everybody needs a break from rigid schedules and rest is just as important as any other tip on this list. If you are beginning to feel overwhelmed by your new schedule or tasks, don’t hesitate to take a break. Sitting at home for one day or two to catch up on your favorite T.V. show or flip through some pages on a new book won’t hurt, provided you are ready to get back on track once your break is over.

Additionally, rest and self-care are some of the best ways to boost your mood and recapture the energy you need to stay in the driving seat. If you would like to learn more about how mental health days are beneficial for you, please leave a message for Dr. Lynn Winsten or visit her practice in Berkeley .

10. Spend Time Outdoors
Extensive research has shown that spending time in nature is one of the best remedies when seeking help for depression. Being underneath the sunlight and around the lush and green trees has a positive effect on our psychology and helps to boost our mood.

Additionally, increased sunlight also helps to increase the level of serotonin in your system, making you happier and more active. If you have been able to climb out of your bed and smash a few of your goals, consider taking a walk around your park or staying around any green zones in your town.

11. Consider Depression Counseling
If you have tried all the other methods but still find yourself seeking help for depression, you may want to consider having therapeutical treatment. Depression counseling is one of the best ways to get your life back on track as it helps you dive into the root cause of your emotional issues, giving you the clarity to fight them.

Speaking to a medical professional is also one of the best ways to ease the weight off your shoulders, as you can be sure they will understand your problems. With this freedom, you can get back into the driving seat of your life and begin surpassing your goals and making progress.

If you would like to learn more about how you can use therapy to battle your depression, please book a session with Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley. She has extensive experience in dealing with cases of depression and would be glad to offer her services. During your sessions, Dr. Lynn Winsten can address any concerns you have and plot the best way to get you back in the driving seat.

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