Anxiety Therapy

Anxiety, Psychologist

Anxiety is an emotion that lets us know something has happened to frighten us.  If you experience anxiety often or intensely, you are likely looking for relief. 

You may know that there are both healthy and unhealthy coping strategies and some that only help in the short run, and others that are long term solutions.

Sometimes when the waves of anxiety come crashing down, it is difficult to know which healthy path to choose. Consistent anxiety therapy can help to provide stability when these feelings hit and provide alternatives to the addictive or compulsive behaviors that can perpetuate the anxiety.

Anxiety, stress, and fear can also be tied to past trauma, and talking with a good therapist or psychologist can help you understand how your past is impacting how you feel today.

 Therapy is a natural treatment for anxiety

Therapy that allows one to see clearly where their anxiety originated is most effective for long term relief.  When combined with genuine mindfulness, a person can develop insight and calm. 

Working with a psychologist such as Dr. Lynn Winsten, a Berkeley therapist with many years of experience can help you get to the roots of your distress which will enhance greater self-awareness and belief in yourself. 

Knowing what is activating your anxiety combined with self-compassion will get you free to enjoy life more fully. 

If you are in the Berkley area, contact Dr. Lynn Winsten about your Anxiety.