Using Therapy To Make More Positive Life Choices – From a Therapist In Berkeley

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Being a Therapist In Berkeley poses its challenges. In so many of my therapy sessions, I find that individuals see themselves as failures. Whether through a lack of opportunity or chances missed, these clients often label themselves as “unworthy”, “unlucky”, “incapable”, or “powerless”. These are sad lies that so many wake up telling themselves each morning.

The overwhelming belief about therapy is that those who seek help are unable to overcome their personal issues or make decisions that will lead to positive outcomes. I’m here to tell you this is just not true. The thought that seeking therapy equates to powerlessness is a disease that pervades popular opinion – and is one of the main reasons that so few individuals will seek help until it is too late.

As a Berkeley psychologist, I have spent years working with individuals from all walks of life. While many seek my guidance in the midst of difficult circumstances, just as many seek to learn techniques for reframing failure, focusing on positive reinforcement, and making life choices that lift up their lives.

Choosing Victory Over Failure

Every single day we are faced with choices that require a decision – often on the spur of the moment. While each one of us would love to admit that we always make the best choice for ourselves and those around us, we often find ourselves choosing paths toward worsening circumstances. Using therapy can help you make more positive choices.

When working with a Berkeley therapist, those who focus on failure can find hope in a safe space. While letting down your guard can be a scary and difficult experience, learning techniques that allow you to see yourself accurately is one of the most effective ways to empower yourself in making decisions that impact your life in positive ways. Therapy is a key place to begin learning and practicing these techniques. I employ these techniques to help you maintain a positive mentality and way of life.

Developing Self-Awareness

A main issue that plagues many individuals is a lack of self-awareness of themselves and their situations. In the midst of their pain, they view themselves and their circumstances in a light that is often woefully incorrect. However, their self-conscious feelings and fears keep them from finding the strength to make the positive choices necessary to overcome these chains.

Instead of seeing themselves as a uniquely-made individual with potential and possibility, they only see failure and missed opportunities. In targeted therapy sessions, individuals can begin to break down these walls of negativity that paralyze them and discover techniques to fight negative self-image and thoughts. Through relabeling and the building of new self-awareness, those in therapy will soon find themselves better able to make positive life choices and move toward personal strength.

Assembling a Toolbox for Success

The secret to success in therapy is the focus on creating tools for empowerment rather than simply hoping for instantaneous victory over a particular issue. Mindfulness training for example can help you notice and rework the “trance of unworthiness”.

As life is full of unexpected twists and turns, learning methods for how to respond and react to changes when they occur can help you to choose positive choices and outcomes. These tools and techniques will help you to stop negative thought patterns in their tracks and allow you redirect your thought life toward more positive patterns.

In my work as a Berkeley psychologist, I have helped numerous individuals discover tools for helping them make positive choices every day. From simple breathing techniques that allow you to center yourself to thought-pattern daily reminders, there are many tools that you can utilize in any situation to bring yourself to center and move forward with confidence.

Are you ready to start making better, more positive life choices? You can begin uncovering the reasons that you find yourself stuck in negative thoughts and choices, and take steps toward hope and healing today. Contact me today to learn more about my Berkeley Psychologist services, and how therapy can help you start making positive life choices right now!