The Possibility Of Growth & Healing From Childhood Trauma

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Individuals who have experienced trauma and abuse in their childhood can see the effects of that trauma last long into adulthood. From physical and mental health to social interactions, childhood abuse can lead to a difficulty in leading a normal and thriving life.

However, there can be hope for those looking to grow from their past and take hold of their future. Childhood trauma may leave a lasting impact, but it doesn’t define your life – and with the right help you can begin taking steps toward true healing. As Holocaust survivor and psychotherapist Viktor Frankl has said, “”Life holds potential meaning under any conditions, even the most miserable ones.”

In my years of practice, I have watched many individuals with a past history of abuse and trauma turn their experiences into powerful opportunities of growth and personal success. By helping individuals see that there is a ray of light in even the worst memories and pain, trauma victims have a unique opportunity to turn from their difficult past and look toward a hopeful future.

The Keys To Moving Toward Hope & Healing

With the help of a trained and skilled therapist with experience working with victims of childhood abuse and neglect, many individuals can begin to find areas of new and exciting personal growth that they may never have known were possible. These key areas of growth may include:

  • Discovering the skills to overcome helplessness and hopelessness.
  • Finding a new fulfilling purpose and meaning in everyday life.
  • Learning fresh perspectives on their past and future.
  • An increased optimism and joy.
  • A stronger and transparent community that supports their journey.

These keys and more are essential to helping victims find a new purpose and lease on life as they begin the healing process from their pain and suffering. Again we can refer to noted therapist Dr. Viktor Frankl, who put it best: we all need a reason to look forward to our future, such as health, family, happiness, professional abilities, fortune, or position in society.

So how does one begin to take the steps necessary to overcome pain and suffering and move the needle toward healing and hope? When working with a trained therapist, you will work through a variety of proven methods for coping and moving forward in healing – each of which focuses on allowing you to journey through your painful past in ways that will ultimately ensure you experience the hope of freedom.

Taking Consistent Steps Toward Healing

While the practices of gratitude may not lead to immediate healing from trauma, it is one of many successful practices that can help victims move toward healing over time. When completed consistently along with the aid of a professional therapist, hope can be found even amid the darkest of histories.

As a leading therapist and trained psychologist with experience in working with adults that have a history of childhood trauma and neglect, I am here to help begin the process of healing. Please contact me today to set up a worry-free consultation that will lay out the framework for discovering hope, healing, and confidence for the days ahead.