Finding Your Life’s Purpose In Uncertain Times


As we turn our eyes toward the new year, we have a unique opportunity to look back on what has been quite the unexpected year. In 2020, it seemed as though not a week could pass without something unexpected occurring. The global pandemic that hit earlier in the year, sending us all home to avoid exposure to the deadly disease, left many feeling alone, isolated, and uncertain.

This year I have been busier than ever, fielding phone calls from individuals who are facing the uncertainty of our day and age with anxiety, fear, and stress. I understand the sentiment. When we are trained and experience our lives in a certain way for so long, a sudden, unexpected change in our routine can leave us reeling. The fear of the unknown can leave you wondering if there is a purpose to life, or if it is all really up to chance.

While I can’t predict the future, I can help those who are struggling to understand their purpose during these uncertain times recover their focus, strength, and hope. With the following easy daily practices, you can start building a resilience that will help you stand up to the next unexpected event with boldness.

3 Ways To Remind Yourself Of Your Purpose When Life Seems Out Of Control

1. Create A Practice Of Mindfulness

Our imaginations have a habit of getting the better of us. As children, we developed the fantastic ability to create imaginary scenarios full of magic, fun, and excitement. A simple cardboard box could become a magical vehicle to untold lands of imagination.

As we grow older, our imaginations grow with us. However, they still maintain that sneaky ability to imagine outcomes that may or may not be true. When we find ourselves fearful or anxious for a future that has not yet occurred, it can be helpful for us to return to a grounding practice.

Mindfulness is a way to quickly bring your awareness back to the present through silence, solitude, and focused breathing. When you draw your mind back to the moment, you can remind yourself that you are safe, you are whole, and you are secure. Mindfulness can help you recapture wild thoughts of uncertainty and replace those thoughts with truths about who you are, and where you are going. When partnered with the next two practices, mindfulness can become a powerful weapon against uncertainty.

2. Practice Gratitude

Do you find yourself waking up dreading the unknown? Or do you often find your thoughts focusing on the negatives? Start a practice of naming those things about your life that you are grateful for!

Gratitude practices can help you start and end your day in thankfulness for what you have, and can redirect your thought life toward positive emotions. Start small by picking three things each morning or night that you can express gratitude for having in your life. Write them down in a journal or on your smartphone, and watch as you build a library of joy and purpose in your life!

3. Rediscover Your Hidden Passions

When times are uncertain, you can always turn toward those parts of your life that continue to bring you joy and purpose. Do you have hobbies or passions that haven’t been given the time that you wish you had?

In times of uncertainty, devote time toward those tasks rather than wasting time watching bad news or consuming negative content. Invest in those parts of your life that will pay off when you move into a time of certainty once more.

Times of uncertainty can be difficult to navigate – which is why you should never travel alone. As a Berkeley psychologist, I am passionate about helping those struggling to find passion and purpose during uncertain times with proven methods of care.

Want to discover more, and begin putting into practice those methods that can help you regain your ground and build resilience? Contact me today to learn how therapy can help you discover more joy and purpose right now! Together we can take steps toward a more passionate, fulfilling life. Contact me today to learn more about my Berkeley Psychologist services.