Therapy For Childhood Abuse & Neglect

Child Abuse And Neglect

close up of white orchidWhen we are low in self-esteem, have trouble believing in ourselves; have problems knowing who we are and finding things that bring us gratification; find we have serious problems in relating to others like avoiding connection, or trying too hard and putting up with people who do not see us, hear us for real, and do not value who we really are, or even are putting up with verbal, emotional or physical abuse; or maybe do have emotion but it is too intense, or perhaps we cannot seem to access our feelings and emotions; or when our thoughts are fearful, negative, or self attacking — we are probably people who were mistreated as children.

Thus, the way we are treated when young not only makes us miserable as children, but seriously impacts : our self-regard or sense of self; our relationships with others; our ability to succeed in work; and generally in our ability to lead a content and satisfactory life.

It can be easier to push these feelings, thoughts, and experiences to the side, telling ourselves these are events from too long ago, or “I should be over it already”, or we make our “to do” lists so long that there is no room for our feelings and experiences to truly surface, or we use substances to soothe our weary souls. Most people with serious childhood neglect and abuse try to keep these experiences out of awareness… but this only makes them stronger over time.

The truth is that prioritizing ourself, the way we are in the world, how we experience ourselves and others .. that is, taking oneself and our mental health seriously, are critical for obtaining awareness, understanding, and relief.

Therapy of this type needs to be done slowly, with care and compassion. We need a therapist who is well trained in working with more serious and deep-seated problems. One who is used to hearing the misery and horror early trauma can bring, and guide us thoughtfully into a clear understanding of what went wrong. There is no quick fix here.

If you are in the Berkeley area, Dr. Lynn Winsten is a great resource for such intense and yet relieving work. She specializes in childhood abuse, trauma, and neglect. She is someone devoted to helping people access the origins of their grief and in facilitating the healing process. Slowly it will become clear why you have the problems you suffer with now.

It can feel intimidating to reach out for help when trauma has you in its grip. It’s hard to feel safe and trust. But it is important to recognize that the majority of people seeking counseling or psychotherapy have experienced some type of childhood mistreatment, misatunement, or neglect. It is important to know you are not alone, that you are not being judged for your experiences and who you have become, and that your life is valuable and you are worthy and capable of recovery. This is the work that can change your life.

man thinking about child abuse in San Luis Obispo, CalirforniaChild Abuse and Neglect: Dr. Lynn Winsten, Clinical Psychologist

The numbers are in, and they certainly don’t paint a pretty picture. It is estimated that 1 out of every four children in America has been the subject of child abuse and neglect at some point. In any form or context, abuse can have severe psychological effects.

Anger, anxiety, depression, mood issues, dissociation, trust issues, post-traumatic stress disorder, and self-destructive behavior are only among some of these psychological effects abused, and neglected children experience. The severity of these consequences will vary from one situation to the next. The impact may vary depending on whether the abuser is a family member or someone known to you, or a stranger. The kind of response you get from loved ones when you reveal the abuse matters a lot, as abused children whose concerns are dismissed will feel even worse.

Unfortunately, these issues may follow you well into adulthood, and without proper intervention, the impact of child abuse and neglect can undoubtedly last a lifetime.

Some adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect may end up continuing the cycle of abuse in their relationships. The psychological impact may push others to abuse alcohol and drugs as a coping mechanism. The toll of the abuse may cause physical and mental health problems, making it harder to find and keep jobs.

Ready Access to the Help You Need

It may seem like such a hopeless situation, but far from it. Whether you did not get the counseling intervention for the trauma that you needed as a child, or it did not have the desired impact, there remains hope for you even years later as an adult.

The truth is that, while available, support services for adults who are survivors of any type of childhood neglect and abuse are not always the easiest to access. So many are in need of these services, and you will find that waitlists are quite common.

The good news is that you need not worry about accessing the help you need with Dr. Lynn Winsten, based in Berkeley, CA. Childhood abuse and neglect and the trauma stemming from the same area of specialization. Dr. Winsten is a highly-trained clinical psychologist and has devoted her professional career spanning well over 30 years to helping patients deal with the trauma from childhood abuse, neglect, and other such conditions.

The Process

Therapy for adult survivors of childhood abuse and neglect takes time. It needs to be done slowly, and Dr. Lynn Winsten recognizes as much. You can look forward to working with a therapist who is committed to going all the way with you and will not give up until you come out on the side a better person and no longer carrying the heavy weight of your childhood trauma.

Dr. Winsten will explore where you are now in relation to the events of the past that comprised your child abuse and neglect experiences. Are you only just coming to terms with the memories of the experiences? Are you past the memories and feeling so overwhelmed and sick of it all that you are all for finding a way to finally move on past these memories?

Your sessions will also cover how these past experiences have impacted the various facets of your life. Are you high-functioning and confident in some areas of your life? Having trouble with others? How are your relationships? Are you so guarded and always looking to stay in control that you will not allow yourself to share anything but superficial connections with others? Are you still coping and operating on survival mode years down the line since the abuse ended?

These are just some of the areas of focus you can expect to cover with Dr. Winsten. She is dedicated to helping you access the very origin of your trauma and facilitate your healing. She is specially trained and experienced in addressing childhood abuse and trauma and is just who you need to see for the support you need on your journey of recovery.

You want someone who is compassionate and caring, so you really have that safe space to open up. There’s no need to hold back any longer. You have done so for too long, and it’s about time you let it out and got some relief. Your therapist’s office is a safe place for you to let the walls down. Let your guard down. Allow yourself to feel those raw emotions as they sweep over you, and let a professional help you through it all.

Not Alone

You need to recognize that you are not alone. Dr. Lynn Winsten has successfully worked with so many patients in Berkeley, CA, in the 30 + years of her career. The hurt child inside you needs healing for you to thrive as an adult, and she is ready to help you through that healing journey.