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As a Therapist in San Luis Obispo, I use the most advanced treatments and methods for mental health issues such as anxiety and depression. With my affordable and highly effective approach to therapy, I can help any individual find hope and healing.

Across California and the city of San Luis Obispo, individuals are dealing with the hidden struggles of mental health. Many people suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental health problems. A trained therapist can help alleviate symptoms and provide a path to better mental health.

I specialize in custom treatments for people with mental health struggles. My sessions are tailored to each patient’s specific needs and goals. Each session is different from the last; a uniquely-tailored treatment plan is developed based on an individual’s desires.

My San Luis Obispo therapy services are here to help you and your loved ones to find healing from depression. I offer treatments that fit your needs and circumstances and can effectively work through the underlying issues that may be related to or leading to your depression.

Want to learn more? Contact me today to find out how I can help you find hope in your life. Reach out to me today during my free consultation for a chat about your needs and how I can help make your life better. As a therapist in San Luis Obispo, I am here to provide the help and guidance you deserve and need.

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What Is Anxiety? A Therapist in San Luis Obispo Explains.

Although anxiety is the most common psychological disorder in the United States, it doesn’t have to be a part of your everyday life.

Anxiety is an intense feeling of fear and apprehension that can commonly accompany a variety of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. It may cause a sense of unease, nervousness, or insecurity and may make you feel restless or uneasy. You might worry about an upcoming test, regret your actions, be preoccupied with the thought of something negative happening, or be worried that others will find out something about you that you are ashamed of.

What is anxiety? Anxiety is a nervous, anxious feeling that can come and go. When we are anxious, we are worried and nervous about something that may or may not happen. It can be a response to a new activity, a change in our life, or even when we meet someone new.

If you struggle with anxiety, there are healthy and unhealthy ways to deal with it. Some methods of coping may be good for the long run, while others offer only short-term solutions.

To manage anxiety, we should stop using substances and electronics that block our ability to think rationally. As we become more dependent on them, our brain becomes desensitized and we lose the ability to function normally. This is where a therapist in San Luis Obispo, CA can help you.

Therapy that can help in the long-term is most effective for relieving anxiety. Mindfulness, a practice of mental control and awareness, is a powerful tool that can be used with or without therapy. It allows a person to develop insight and calm.

Therapy is a great way to get to the roots of your problems and connect to your true self. Dr. Lynn Winsten, a leading San Luis Obispo therapist and counselor, can help you discover why they’re happening and connect to your true self once again. With therapy, you can learn what brought on your distress and begin to feel happier, stronger, and more confident again.

Once we begin to understand what is really going on, we can begin to deal with our struggles more effectively. We will learn how to manage and control our anxiety and discomfort.

With the most effective therapist treatments for mental illness, we can find greater awareness and better understand our experiences while in a safe, compassionate, and warm environment.

If you are experiencing anxiety, I can help. Talk to me about anxiety treatments in San Luis Obispo, CA today. Don’t reach out to any therapist in San Luis Obispo, reach out to Dr. Lynn Winsten.

What Is Depression?

In the U.S., millions of people are suffering from depression. There are many forms and symptoms of depression, and each person may experience it differently. Seeking help is one of the best things you can do to overcome depression and to build a healthier life for yourself.

Depression symptoms can vary, but many of them are consistent in most cases. Knowing the signs of depression and how to identify them when you need help can help you know if you need professional help in the San Luis Obispo area. Depression is a mental health issue that can have a serious impact on how one lives and enjoys life.

The effects of depression can be far-reaching and long-lived. It can lead to a deterioration of physical, mental, and emotional health.

If you are noticing depression symptoms in the life of a loved one, it’s important to seek the help of a licensed mental health professional. San Luis Obispo University is a premier counseling center that is renowned for providing effective treatment options for all levels of depression.

  • A sense of sadness that is a little different
  • A persistent sadness that lasts for more than two weeks is an indication of depression
  • A new or continuing loss of interest in activities that were previously enjoyed
  • An increase or decrease in appetite that becomes more frequent over time
  • Weight gain or loss that occurs rapidly
  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep
  • A sudden increase in energy and motivation to interact with others
  • An ongoing sense of helplessness, hopelessness, and despair
  • Lack of focus and procrastination
  • Sudden thoughts of death or suicide

Being aware of the symptoms of depression will help individuals know when they should seek medical attention.

If you are noticing the symptoms listed above in someone you love or care about, you may wish to step in and offer help in seeking the help of a therapist in San Luis Obispo. 

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What are the benefits of seeing a Therapist in San Luis Obispo, California?

Many San Luis Obispo residents avoid seeking help for mental health concerns because they are unfamiliar with the process. If you have never had a professional counseling session, don’t worry. With the right information, you can go into your San Luis Obispo therapy session with confidence.

A compassionate and kind counselor
My San Luis Obispo psychology counseling services are focused on being all about you. I will work with you at your speed to develop a treatment plan that works for you. With a caring and sympathetic ear, I will help you uncover the deeper issues behind your anxiety and depression. Eventually, I will help you develop a treatment plan that helps you work through whatever is troubling you.

An Effective Patient Experience
The process of healing takes time — whether you are working through physical or emotional pain. In San Luis Obispo, California, I work with patients to heal thoughts and feelings in a way that ensures their success.

I want you to feel that a lack of results means failure. Therapy and counseling are an important part of the process of healing. Together, we will learn how to access the healing that is necessary. You’ll also learn new ways of thinking about yourself that will help you find hope and inspiration.

Privacy In Sessions
When processing anxiety in therapy involves exposing one’s worries and fears, it can be extremely difficult. However, this can help the client tackle their problems by facing their fears and thoughts head-on.

Talk therapy, also known as psychotherapy, can help relieve anxiety. In fact, you’ll feel better emotionally if you undergo professional psychological counseling.

Support Through The Entire Experience
San Luis Obispo, California’s counseling and mental health services are not one-size-fits-all solutions. Therapy for anxiety or depression is a journey, but you can trust that your counselor will be there with you every step of the way. You don’t have to agree with my techniques. I never force anything on you that you don’t want to do.

Your counseling and therapy will be a private experience. A professional therapist or counselor will keep each of your sessions private and secure – ensuring that you feel safe in your therapy session.

In my private therapy sessions, I strive to provide a safe and confidential space in which clients can work through their issues. This environment allows people to feel heard, validated, and supported — thereby accelerating the healing process.

Your anxiety therapy and counseling will be as individualized as you want it to be. Your psychologist will be there for you every step of the way, guiding you through the process and helping you find out what will be best for you.


Lynn Winsten Psychology is proudly based in beautiful San Luis Obispo, California. A city nestled in the suburbs of San Francisco Bay, San Luis Obispo is known around the world for its culture and community. Aside from seeing a therapist in San Luis Obispo, there are other things to do in the area.

From artists to authors, performers and entrepreneurs, San Luis Obispo is the perfect place for you to discover your passion and find peace of mind. As a community focused on bringing out the best in self-discovery and personal development, San Luis Obispo has become a pristine locale for those interested in building their future and healing from their past.

With a population of just over 120,000 unique individuals, Berekeley continues to draw people to the area with beautiful weather year-round and plenty of opportunities for work and play. Near the ocean and close to the natural outdoor recreational spaces of California, San Luis Obispo offers plenty of things to do for everyone in the family.

Looking to find a new book to get lost in? Head over to Moe’s Books – a historic local bookstore located on Telegraph Avenue in San Luis Obispo. Need to find some peace and quiet to calm your heart and soul? Steal a minute for yourself in the Morrison Library, a portion of the Doe Library that features vintage decor and Tibetan rugs that make a perfect setting for tuning in and focusing on yourself.

Meet a friend over a cup of coffee at 1951 Coffee Company, or spend a night out with your partner at Bay Chef Kitchen – located conveniently near the university! No matter where you go, you are sure to find a friendly face and a welcoming atmosphere that can only mean you are in San Luis Obispo. 

At Lynn Winsten Therapy, I am committed to being the premier Therapist in San Luis Obispo. Treating a variety of mental health issues as well as offering counseling services for various stages of life, I am ready to help you find the hope and healing you need to move forward. Contact me today to learn more.

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