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Often when we experience something frightening or are afraid of a specific occurrence, anxiety kicks in. As your anxiety grows, you start experiencing symptoms like irritability, uneasiness in public, worry, shivering, fear, or second-guessing yourself.

You may also become tongue-tied, have repetitive thoughts and sometimes, you’ll struggle to snap out of the thoughts and situations that caused your anxiety in the first place.

Typically, we become anxious when we try or do things we haven’t before or meet new people. Yet, there are bouts of anxiety that appear out of the blues. Some people experience anxiety often while others may experience it fewer times but more intensely when it happens.

While there are healthy coping strategies that help in the long run, it’s not uncommon for some people to adopt unhealthy ones that only fix the problem for a short time.

Some of the unhealthy coping strategies most people use are overindulging in sex, food, exercise, screen time, or anything else to keep the mind from wandering to the thoughts that trigger anxiety. However, relying on these strategies for too long without finding a long-term solution often does more harm than good.

Instead, the focus should be on therapy that helps you determine the origin of your anxiety. This type of San Luis Obispo therapy, combined with genuine mindfulness practices is the best way to help you develop insight, calm, and overcome your anxiety.

Through therapy, you’ll understand the root cause of your misery, creating a foundation to seek greater insight so we can build a pathway to ultimate recovery.

Being mindful of your feelings, thoughts, and surroundings ignites greater awareness. Similarly, it enables you to get a handle on your emotions and regulate your response accordingly in a therapeutic environment full of compassion and where you feel safe and secure.

If you’re in therapy and you’re tired of being limited by your anxiety, depression, or loneliness, it’s time to schedule our San Luis Obispo therapy sessions and start your journey to reclaim your physical and mental well-being.

Understanding Depression

When most people are in a low mood, they think they’re depressed. However, depression is way more than being moody due to an isolated occurrence. Instead, depression involves feelings of sadness that linger for days or weeks with short breaks in between and a loss of interest in things you previously found interesting.

If these feelings hinder your normal functioning, there’s a high likelihood you’re experiencing depression. Other symptoms you may be suffering from depression include an unusual lack of energy, sleeplessness, insomnia, and in some cases, you may sleep too much.

Similarly, if you’re suddenly withdrawing from social interactions, no longer want to be around people, and feel better in isolation although it makes you sad and anxious, you may be depressed.

San Luis Obispo Therapy for Depression with Dr. Lynn Winsten

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re struggling with depression and are looking for San Luis Obispo therapy sessions. You may have tried to find relief on your own or by talking to friends and loved ones yet nothing seems to work. If this describes your current situation, the best road to recovery for you is to speak with a professional therapist.

Dr. Lynn Winsten has years of experience lifting patients out of their depression and leading them to more fulfilling lives. By sharing your experiences and their causes with Dr. Winsten, she’ll help you create a roadmap for transformation and hold your hand throughout your recovery journey.

When everything you’ve tried has failed, seeing a therapist is the most beneficial alternative. Like in many other professions, the fastest and most efficient therapists are those with years of experience like Dr. Lynn Winsten whose experience in the San Luis Obispo therapy scene spans decades.

If you’re looking for a safe space to share and process your emotions, few therapists in San Luis Obispo can offer as much as Dr. Winsten.

Her help fosters an environment where you can explore your life’s feelings and experiences without judgment. Using evidence-based techniques, she’ll help you evaluate and understand your perspective of life and lead you on an exploratory journey to acknowledge your psychological challenges, which will ultimately, flood your existence with a sense of serenity, calm, and relief.

Understanding Loneliness

Living in the highly populated Bay Area might lead you to think that loneliness is far-fetched given how many people are around you. Yet, Dr. Winsten is of the opinion that this notion is far from the truth. The truth is even in a room full of people, it’s not uncommon to experience loneliness and a lack of connection.

People are social beings, and even introverts sometimes need social interactions. Loneliness rears its head when you’re disconnected from people and sadness kicks in. On its own, loneliness can trigger depression and be the source of your anxiety. Just as isolation can trigger low moods and anxiety, so can mingling and creating social connections repel those feelings.

Depression and anxiety instill negative thoughts in your mind and fuel beliefs of inadequacy and worthlessness. Typically, experiencing these emotions starts to make you believe your loved ones don’t care about you and you feel like a nuisance – like they would be better off without you.

If you encounter bad experiences, they may deepen your feelings of isolation, creating an emotional and mental crisis. If you’re lonely, a combination of depression, anxiety, and negative encounters make you feel like you deserve the isolation. Ultimately, you end up seeking out situations that hurt you more and increase your feelings of rejection.

If feelings of loneliness are overwhelming you, it’s essential you get someone to help you find the clarity you need to blow away the fog of negativity you’ve been nurturing. If you’re ready to achieve awareness and regain control of your thoughts, you need to inculcate mindfulness in your daily life and have a psychologist like Dr. Lynn Winsten by your side.


San Luis Obispo Therapy for Loneliness

As a therapist, Dr. Winsten understands the role of empathy. She puts herself in your shoes to understand how it feels for you to feel lonely and isolated – like you have no one to rely on.

She understands how lost you feel and is mindful and aware of what she needs to do to guide you back to a state where you experience the real truth – that people care for you and are always willing to help.

If you’re considering San Luis Obispo therapy, Dr. Lynn Winsten tops the list. She’ll guide you through the darkness and lead you to light, showing you the way out of depression, loneliness and anxiety. If you’re ready to own your life story and learn how to build meaningful relationships, call today and make an appointment with Dr. Winsten.

About Dr. Lynn Winsten and her San Luis Obispo Therapy Practice

Dr. Lynn Winsten has been a clinical psychologist for over three decades and currently practices in San Luis Obispo, California. During her 30+ years career, she has worked with a diverse clientele needing psychological help with anxiety, depression, and loneliness among other psychological complications.

From treating pain and other psychologically-induced physical disorders, Dr. Winsten’s experience is extensive. She’s a supervisor and consultant for other clinicians and has dealt with other cases including substance abuse, trauma, domestic violence, and neglect, and has helped people recover from a host of these conditions.

About San Luis Obispo California

San Luis Obispo has many of distinct and beautiful neighborhoods. Surrounding the University of California area are densely populated. West, you can find Downtown San Luis Obispo. Southside, mainly a lower-income area, where much of the university’s student housing is located. In this busy neighborhood, you can find Telegraph Avenue.

North of the campus is the quieter Northside neighborhood, the location of the Graduate Theological Union.

Most of San Luis Obispo’s neighborhoods are primarily made up of homes, often with separate units in the back. You of course will find apartments like in any city around the country.


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