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Anxiety is an emotion that lets us know something has happened to frighten us. You might feel shaky, or tongue-tied, irritable and uneasy in social situations , or find yourself full of worry, concerned often with “what if”, or perhaps you feel terror, or unable to stop the uncomfortable feelings and repetitive thoughts. Anxiety rears its head when we try new things, meet new people, and do new things … but sometimes it is not clear from where it arises.

If you experience anxiety often or intensely, you may know that there are both healthy and unhealthy coping strategies and some that help in the long run and others that are short term fixes..

Our addictions to all kinds of substances, food, exercise, sex, and the latest devices all keep anxiety at bay, but if used to block anxiety by being used excessively, they actually do not help in the long run.

Therapy that allows a person to see clearly where the anxiety originated is most effective for long term relief. When combined with genuine mindfulness, a person can develop insight and calm.

Working with a psychologist, such as Dr. Lynn Winsten, a San Luis Obispo therapist, can help you get down to the roots your distress and can enhance greater self-awareness and belief in yourself. Knowing what causes your distress and self compassion will get you free to enjoy your life more fully.

Once we truly understand the truth of what is driving this misery, we can begin the process of gaining greater insight and learn how to deal more effectively with our discomfort.

Learning mindfulness strategies brings us greater awareness, as does self-regulation that occurs when we process our experiences in a safe, compassionate, and warm therapeutic environment.

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About Depression

Depression is more than the occasional low mood and usually isn’t tied to a single event. It’s a constant feeling of sadness and loss of interest which stops you from functioning as usual. If you suffer from depression, you’re likely to feel an unusual amount of fatigue (lack of energy) and have sleep disturbances such as sleeping too much, inability to stay asleep, or insomnia (not enough sleep).

You may find yourself losing interest in things you used to enjoy or withdrawing from people and life in general. In more extreme cases, you might begin to consider ending your life.

Dr. Lynn Winsten, San Luis Obispo Therapist For Depression

Are you struggling with depression and looking for a San Luis Obispo therapist? If you cannot find relief on your own or from talking to a loved one, it’s time to speak with a professional. Sharing your experiences and their origins with Dr. Lynn Winsten will provide a roadmap for change and a partner for your journey.

Seeing a therapist is beneficial in these circumstances. The more experience a therapist has, the quicker they can help you find the cause of issues. Dr. Lynn Winsten has decades of experience as a therapist in San Luis Obispo. She’ll give you a safe place to share and process your emotions.

With the help of a therapist in San Luis Obispo, you’ll explore all of your life’s experiences and feelings. Together, you’ll use evidence-based techniques to promote understanding of how you perceive your life and your psychological challenges leading to a sense of relief, calm, and serenity.

About Loneliness

If you live in the Bay Area, surrounded by people, you may think it’s not possible to be lonely. There’s one San Luis Obispo therapist that disagrees with you. A person can be in a room full of people and feel no connection to any of them.

Humans are social creatures, and even the most introverted personality can feel lonely. Loneliness is a feeling of sadness caused by disconnection from other people. This emotion has a direct correlation with depression and anxiety. Isolation is a cause for low and anxious feelings to stir. Yet, the reverse can also be true.

Depression and anxiety may cause negative thoughts and beliefs about your self-worth or ability to fit in. You may begin to believe that your family and friends don’t care about you or would be better off without you around. You might think you don’t belong anywhere or have no one to turn to in a crisis.

Feelings of isolation may increase when bad experiences color your beliefs. These unfortunate encounters are seen as evidence by a lonely person that they deserve to be alone—causing them to seek out rejection and negative situations, building a storehouse of proof for their false thoughts about themselves.

A lonely person needs someone to help them clear away the fog of negativity and see the truth on the other side. Mindfulness and a good psychologist like Dr. Lynn Winsten, a therapist in San Luis Obispo, can help you achieve awareness and control of your thoughts.

San Luis Obispo Therapist for Loneliness

The best therapist for someone experiencing loneliness empathizes with having no one and being isolated without any assistance. They truly understand how it feels to be lost and can guide you back to the safety of companionship and truth.

If you need a therapist in San Luis Obispo, Dr. Lynn Winsten is the one you want. She will lead you to the heart of your loneliness and show you the way out. She is committed to helping people own their life stories and learn how to build meaningful relationships once again. There is peace for you if you choose to seek it out.

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About San Luis Obispo Therapist, Dr. Lynn Winsten

Dr. Lynn Winsten is a therapist in San Luis Obispo, California. She has been a clinical psychologist for more than 30 years. She has worked with patients with all levels and types of psychological problems, including anxiety, depression, and loneliness.

Throughout the years, her work has included treating pain and other physical disorders with a psychological component and helping people recover from abuse, trauma, neglect, domestic violence, and substance abuse. She’s also trained as a supervisor and consultant for other clinicians.

About San Luis Obispo California

San Luis Obispo has many of distinct and beautiful neighborhoods. Surrounding the University of California area are densely populated. West, you can find Downtown San Luis Obispo. Southside, mainly a lower-income area, where much of the university’s student housing is located. In this busy neighborhood, you can find Telegraph Avenue.

North of the campus is the quieter Northside neighborhood, the location of the Graduate Theological Union.

Most of San Luis Obispo’s neighborhoods are primarily made up of homes, often with separate units in the back. You of course will find apartments like in any city around the country.

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