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As one of the leading mental illnesses in the world, depression can cause disruptions to daily life that are incredibly difficult to overcome. Depression often lies just below the surface of our day to day experience, sneaking up from it’s hiding just below the surface to suck away the joy and destroy motivation. Unfortunately, mental health issues are far different from physical illnesses that may go away with time.

In recent studies, the World Health Organization (WHO) has found that depression impacts individuals in such numbers that it has become the second leading reason that is reported in leave requests and disability applications. Even the staggering numbers – 15 million in the US alone are diagnosed with depression – are but the iceberg’s tip when it comes to those suffering.

The impacts of the novel coronavirus pandemic have only exacerbated the effects of depression on individuals. Shutdowns, closures, and constant fear of the unknown surrounding the virus have led many to withdraw from friends and family and fall into an even deeper illness state. For those struggling with depression at any level, knowing how to find hope and help may seem miles away.

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If your feeling unmotivated, sad and low, wanting to retreat and avoid people, or weeping at the drop of a hat, likely you are suffering from depression and grief.

Maybe you have lost someone you treasured and can’t seem to “get over it”.  Or maybe you are sad and dragging about but do not really know what is wrong.

The advantage of seeing a therapist for these problems has been proven time and again.  And the more experience a therapist may have, the more likely they can help you quickly get to the root of your distress. 

Psychotherapy can give you a place to share your feelings and experiences so they can be processed and alleviate your suffering.

If this sounds like your life right now, maybe it is time to take the next step and share your heartache with a compassionate and knowledgeable psychotherapist like Dr. Lynn Winsten in Berkeley.  


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