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Therapy For Career Concerns

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Having some trouble landing that job you would really like to have? Not getting promoted in a timely manner .. feeling stuck or used? Or perhaps you have been confused about the direction you would like your life’s work to take? Are you working in a career where you are not feeling gratified?

Whether you are just entering the job market or feel you would like to make a change in your career,
or need help sorting out your options or dealing with present difficulties at work, you might find it beneficial to talk with a therapist to help you sort things out. You may feel confused or overwhelmed when you think of your next move or problems you are facing currently, and it may feel like there is more to it than what friendly advice from your relations can provide. But the help of an impartial source such as a therapist can help you think things through objectively , with clarity, and more in line with your own real self.

Getting in touch with our true self leads us toward fulfilling engagement in the world. Too often we were taught attitudes toward career, achievement, or strategies for genuine self expression that were thwarted in one way or another. This can leave us less than deserving or unsure of our true passions and how to get what we want and need. A therapist can help you see the forest for the trees, hone in on your wishes, desires, strengths, as well as your fears in taking your next step.

We can work together to bear witness to your past and practice new ways of being in the world that promote confidence, power, and accomplishment toward your goals.

‏If your career is one of your main stressors, a psychologist can help you regain a balanced life. It’s important to remember that your career is just one part of who you are, and while it is a big one, it shouldn’t completely consume you or dictate your self-worth. If you need a therapist in Berkeley, Dr. Lynn Winsten can help you take control of your career goals and the other aspects of a well-rounded life. ‏

‏Sometimes, society gives us the impression that negative feelings associated with our careers are normal and something that you can’t change. These feelings include overwhelming stress, anxiety, lack of focus and ambition, and many more. Dr. Lynn Winsten is here to help you understand that career counseling and career therapy is a highly beneficial service. ‏

‏There are several reasons why someone may need to see a psychologist in Berkeley for career counseling. If any of the following scenarios sound like you, you should consider seeing a Berkeley therapist as soon as possible. ‏

‏Unemployment Stress‏

‏Are you a recent graduate struggling to land a job in your field? Or perhaps you’ve recently been let go and are having a difficult time finding another career opportunity. Do you worry that you chose the wrong field?‏

‏Dr. Lynn Winsten can address these worries. The fact is, you can find another job if you put in the time and effort. However, it’s not always that easy, and you may need a therapist if you feel like you’re in a slump with little to no prospects. ‏

‏Career Unfulfillment ‏

‏Feeling like you’ve reached a dead-end in your career can cause a lot of negative feelings. Career unfulfillment can contribute to depression and feeling like it’s impossible to achieve a complete career overhaul. These feelings can be scary, but I can guide you through this process, address your emotions, and help you understand it’s never too late to start a new path! ‏

‏Feeling Like a Workaholic? ‏

‏Perhaps you are feeling burnt out or that your life revolves around your career. This can seriously affect your personal relationships, which I can also help you understand. You may love your job and take pride in it, but it shouldn’t overwhelm your thoughts and negatively affect those who love you. ‏

‏Toxic Work Environments‏

‏You may feel anger, confusion and overwhelming anxiety when you’re at work. This could be due to your boss, coworkers, clients, or other everyday stressors. Let’s work towards understanding techniques you can use to cope with work anxiety and perhaps figure out how to leave a toxic environment. ‏

‏It can be intimidating to quit a job that is unhealthy. However, your therapist can help you establish the right state of mind you’ll need to move on to a better opportunity. Dr. Lynn Winsten will listen to your concerns, such as potentially losing income, and offer solutions, guidance, and compassion. ‏

‏Lynn Winsten is a psychologist in Berkeley offering services to individuals struggling with their careers‏

‏I want to work with you to help you reach your career goals. Whether you’d like to be more fulfilled, you’re feeling anxiety at work, or you feel too attached to your career, I can establish a plan with you. This plan will target your specific career concerns and complement other aspects of your life. ‏

‏No matter how hopeless or drained you feel, a trained Barkeley therapist such as myself can find solutions for your career distress. Together, we can figure out how you got to this point. Equally important, I will ensure the next steps you make in your career journey lead you towards happiness and fulfillment.